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Roni Auset
Holistic educator, yoga instructor, and a master joyologist

Violet Fire Yoga was established in 2012 by Roni Auset, also know as LeRoyna Edwards, B.S., M.Ed., KYT.  Her unique blend of AfraKemetic power postures, breathing exercising, qi gong, and affirmations are designed to empower and transform. Currently, she teaches yoga to children of all ages, school teachers, elders, developmentally disabled adults, and young adults throughout Central Ohio.  LeRoyna has designed practices to accommodate all fitness levels. She intends to assist various communities in attaining optimum wellness by offering classes and workshops which introduce and promote holistic principles and techniques for successful, joyful living through self-empowerment.

Violetfire Yoga
A variety of transformative yoga classes for beginners to intermediate which incorporates breathing, self empower statements, flowing hatha yoga poses; guided meditations. Practitioners build self-confidence, vitality, flexibility, and the ability to transmute adversity and stress to power.

Afra-Kemetic Yoga ( Smai Tawi)
Kemetic Yoga™ is the ancient Kemetic [Egyptian] system of Yoga enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. 

Kaiti_Logo (1).png
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